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As a child, every child likes to read books, especially when the mother is reading fairy tales. Psychologists say that children read the book you need. You will not only increase your child's vocabulary, because in the books there are many words that we use in everyday speech, and explain them to the child. Reading together with your child and gives the parent and kid unforgettable moments of intimacy that can only be compared with the closeness during breastfeeding. But time passes, the child is growing and there is an inevitable alienation. This is natural, otherwise it would not be able to become an independent person. But you need to keep in touch and you will once again help books. Yes, you are no longer reading aloud to your child. He is quite able to cope with this task. But you can read the same book as a child, and discuss it. Ask what he liked, what scene made the strongest impression. Give your opinion, and not necessarily to your opinion coincided with the opinion of the child. Try, communicate, discuss the nuances. Will show your child that you are interested in his opinion, it is interesting world. It is not necessary to reduce communication to check homework and questions about grades. In fact, academic performance - it is insignificant small part of what you can discuss with your child.